Welcome to the Star Trek: The New Frontiers!

The year is 2264 the year that the historic five year mission was to start. Only this isn't your father's Star Trek anymore.

This is a totally new reality. One where things are similar and yet different from the Prime Universe? A Place where just because it happened before does not mean its destined to happen again?

Star Trek: The New Frontiers is an Alternate Universe to Star Trek. Here we are creating our own classic adventures and building towards a either a brighter future or a darker one.

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Latest Mission Posts

» So It Begins

Mission: 101- Where No One has Gone Before
Posted on Wed Apr 26th, 2017 @ 3:54pm by Captain John Chandler III & Commander Rachiel Bryce & Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Carter

Personal Log entry 03:00 hours: It's been almost six weeks since the Enterprise has launched after a rather long refit. Many of the crew are still getting used to the new equipment. As ordered none of them are aware of how Starfleet developed these new systems especially since many of…

» Prologue

Mission: 101- Where No One has Gone Before
Posted on Thu Dec 8th, 2016 @ 11:21pm by Captain John Chandler III

Personal Log entry 10:00 hours: It hadn't hit me until today that in a few days I'll be leaving the Farragut. But then again I suppose it's normal for someone that has just received and accepted a promotion to Captain to be a bit excited. I've been in command before,…