The Rules and Regulations for this Role Playing Game are simple.

The Game Manager is responsible for making sure that all who participate enjoy their role playing. This group is designed for the enjoyment of serious minded creative writers who are willing to do their part to move the plot along without stepping outside of the realm of the pre-designed guidelines.

This RPG is designed to read like a novel. The sim'ming is in third person style format. For example:

"Hobbes walked through the hall of the large building. He stopped in front of a large pillar and observed the detail. Turning to his partner, "Rhea, take a look at this. I think this may answer our questions" he said pointing to the writing on the pillars. (Third Person)


I walked through the hall of the large building. I stopped in front of a large pillar and observed the detail. I turned to my partner and pointed to the writing on the pillars. "Rhea, take a look at this. I think this may answer our questions". (First Person)

The Rules:

Players are reminded:

Respect for others is of primary importance.

Minimum posting requirements are stated within these rules and must be maintained.

This sim is rated "" and may border on rated "NC-17" depending on the nature of the posts.

NO Character Abuse:

What is character abuse? It is taking someone else's character creation and portraying them badly. An example would be portraying another character as a thief or drug addict.

If you want to follow a storyline that calls for a total 'out of character' portrayal then please notify the Staff. We're going to ask you to file a synopsis that details that character's descent and redemption. Likewise, if the character is a bad guy, you may portray him as 'suddenly' having a change of heart and becoming Mother Theresa. It is understood, as 'you' are portraying a character that they will not be 100% exactly like the character is portrayed by the actress/actor from the series. You're two different people (or sometimes several).

Moving Other Characters:


Beyond having them exit a scene together, etc, IF called for in their previous posts, then just don't do it. If you have permission to use someone else's character, state that in your post. If you are trapped in a thread because the other Player isn't responding, ask the Staff to 'move' the other character for you thus freeing up your character.

What do the ratings mean?

In regards to the decision to alter the rating on game posts from PG-13 to "R" to boarding on "NC-17".

This change is being made in the belief and intent that it will allow for more creativity and more descriptiveness in game posts.


If you are going to send a post with content that falls under an "R" rating, you MUST post a disclaimer in the subject / title line and at the top of your post in the post body which states that its content is such.


Subject line: A little alone time [Kennit/Antares] Rated R

Then in the body of the post:

ATTN: This post contains some content of a sexual / violent nature. Be advised.

If posts are sent out which have "R" rated content and the disclaimer is NOT at the top.. the sender will be given a warning. Three warnings and you will be placed on posting moderation until it is determined that you won't forget again.

If this doesn't work out.. well.. we'll change it back to a PG-13 level.

This is not free reign to turn the game into a free for all sex-fest

Keep your posts in proper context with what is happening in the story lines.

If you're not sure about the content, send it to the GM or one of the AGMs first for approval.

While the rating is being revised / upgraded to 'R', this is to cover excessive and graphic violence and other "situations". It is NOT a license to use profanity in every other sentence just for the sake of using profanity. While we are not banning its use completely, please consider the context and setting in which you are writing and limit the use of profanity accordingly. If you've just been shot by an enemy officer, or your ship is crashing... yeah that's probably the time for a little cursing here and there. If you're on duty talking to your CO, no that is not the time for a little cursing.

While sexual situations and relations can and will occur, again it is being stated clearly that YOU as the player MUST make a notation at the beginning of your post stating that the post contains sexual content.

There is one notable limitation on this rule.. and that is the depiction of rape. We have opted to draw a 'line in the sand' so to speak, and that line is not to be crossed. No posts will be allowed which contain the depiction of rape in any form. Do not go there. This one is non-negotiable.

Failure to abide by this rule will result in a request that you edit your post, repeat offenses may result in moderation of posting abilities or even removal and banning from the game.

We want to encourage interpersonal relationships between all characters within reason. We are, likewise, not adverse to seeing romances develop amongst the various characters. These relationships, however, should NEVER be or become the primary focus for your play. There will be appropriate time for developing personal relationships and times that it is entirely inappropriate to the game play.

This sim is like a joint book writing venture and each player contributes to the end.

Conflict will occur between characters and sometimes, players. All player conflicts must be brought to the attention of the Game Manager so that an amicable resolution can be achieved. Conflict between characters tends to add to the realism of the sim and should not be discouraged. These character conflicts should not carry over into the players realm however.

The purpose of this sim is to offer a release from the everyday. In other words, HAVE FUN!

Player Characters are to be acknowledged when available. If you are in need of a Doctor, and there is a PC Doctor, do not go to an NPC Doctor to avoid the PC Doctor so that you can avoid interaction or make things go your way. This violates the two biggest reasons for the sim,which are Character Interaction and multiple inputs into how things turn out.

Player participation it critical to any PBeM RPG. It is the policy of the U.S.S. Victory RPG to allow players to generate their own sub-plots within the SIMM so long as the GM is notified first as to the nature of the sub-plot and how it fits into the overall storyline. The GM will review and then give permission if the sub-plot is acceptable at the current time.

The next statement concerns in-character play only. Don't be afraid, if from time to time, your character receives an In-Character verbal reprimand. When you have a character make a mistake, we as characters will certainly address it. (This may include In-Character disciplinary action.) Please don't make the mistake of believing we are mad at you unless we specifically address it that way in an OOC.

Please take all OOC instruction in the spirit that it is intended: As a constructive teaching tool to help you be the best possible simmer you can be.

Within your posts you can use the actions and words of other Player Characters to help you with your story. If your use of another PC is minor, limited to yes or no answers, you probably don't need permission from the other person. However, if you use the other person's character extensively, or have any uncertainty as to what actions or words they would say, then E-Mail a copy of the draft of your post to get the other person's input. Another acceptable method is to end your post and wait for the other character's response.

There is a requested minimum posting requirement in effect for the game:

A minimum of two posts per week is requested!

If you can't meet this requirement then you must contact me and the other AGMs and let us know via email.

Failure to meet posting requirements may result in the following:

One miss, you get a warning.

Two misses, you get a final warning.

Three misses.. you will be removed from the game.

If you can't meet requirements for the week that is fine and no one will give you any grief SO LONG AS YOU LET US KNOW!!!

This will help keep things flowing smoothly. If you are gone and nobody knows it, then people will ask you questions or give you orders and the plot will bog down waiting for your response.

There are several things that you can do to make your posts easier and more enjoyable for others to read. If your post is not legible, then people will either not read it or they may misunderstand what you are trying to say or do. Separate your paragraphs. Don't run unorganized or disconnected ideas together. Write enough about an event to make it comprehensible.

Use a spell checker. (We realize that for some, English is a second language and they might have to look up every other word. We understand that and can work with it. In order to make it easier for everyone, spell things phonetically if possible when you aren't sure and cannot check a dictionary.)

Use a thesaurus to add variety to your post and more accurately get your meaning across.

Don't rush your post. It is possible to write 2, three or even five pages without affecting the plot a whole lot. Tell us what you are thinking, feeling, hearing, seeing or doing. Help us to get to know your character. If you have something brief to say and would have to wait for one or more other characters to respond, but want a longer post, you can still beef it up with plenty of descriptors.

As the author of your posts, you know everything that is going on within the ship and on landing parties. Remember, though, that there are a lot of things that your character won't know, like things that are said and done outside of your character's presence.

Avoid giving your character knowledge of things that s/he wouldn't reasonably know or using exceptional means for getting that knowledge to your character. Other players can, will, and probably should take exception to this, and I can assure you that the Game Manager definitely will and will eventually mention it to you. Instead, role play the situation and ask questions that your character in his/her position would reasonably ask, then wait for the answer. It may not be what you, or your character, expects to hear.


The Game Manager will not tolerate disruptive attitudes or behaviors. If your intention is to create trouble or problems for other players or disrupt the sim, you need not apply. Players who do become disruptive will be removed from the sim.

Again, our goal is to have fun!