Lieutenant Commander James McCrimmon

Name James Robert McCrimmon D.Sc., Ph.D., M.D.

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Augment)
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall and remarkably slender for a human, Jamie McCrimmon possesses a curious charisma and unconventional handsomeness. His smile is Puckishly mischievous, and he tends to spike his hair in ways that don't *quite* contravene Starfleet appearance conventions for humans.


Spouse Lieutenant Ceri Gwyneth McCrimmon (deceased)
Children Cadet Rose Mary McCrimmon (MIA)
Father Alexander "Sandy" McCrimmon (deceased)
Mother Rosemary McCrimmon (deceased)
Brother(s) Harold McCrimmon, M.Sci. (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Startlingly intelligent, this is mitigated by an occasional lack of focus and a tendency to get distracted by sensory inputs. Has a tendency to get ferociously passionate about unexpected things.

Prefers "Jamie" to "James," but answers to "Jim" in rare instances.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a genetically augmented human, Jamie McCrimmon's ability to assimilate and process knowledge far surpasses the norm for his species, making him a repository of information not quite but almost rivaling that of certain historic Vulcan or android Starfleeters.

In addition, he is physically formidable, capable of running 100 metres in 8.86 seconds and remaining conscious in a vacuum for up to ten minutes, as well as possessing remarkable hand-eye coordination and kinesthetics to go with his enhanced traditional sensorium. Jamie detests violence, but is capable of engaging therein when pressed to do so.

Doctor McCrimmon is self-confident to a fault, which can get him into difficulties. He occasionally has trouble integrating socially, and could very much be accused of reinforcing the stereotype of the absent-minded professor. His energetic, almost slapstick nature occasionally gives way to fits of deep melancholy, and his righteous indignation borders on the frightening.

Jamie is a terrible pilot despite his abilities, and often badly damages craft when not paying proper attention to their specifications; this makes him unsuited for Engineering work save for patching damage and routine maintenance.

Jamie suffers from a form of insomnia and rarely sleeps more than a few hours a night; this is mitigated by his enhanced endurance.

He has an eye for the pretty ladies and will often flirt-- on rare instances even with males of a species --but seems almost invariably astonished if any of these return or appear to return his affections.
Ambitions Jamie has long existed in a world where he already has all the answers.

He serves in Starfleet to test and expand the limits of his abilities, but most of all he seeks to be proven wrong. He seeks above all to challenge his existing knowledge and, in the process, reinvent himself.
Hobbies & Interests Languages, Arts, Sciences, History, Philosophy -- he claims to be a "Doctor of Everything."

In particular, he's dabbled in music and thespianism, and enjoys re-enacting (and, curiously, "pre-enacting") important events on The Holodeck. He's also designed a non-standard multi-tool for himself, combining aspects of scanning, repair, and medical technologies.

He's a dab hand with a cutlass, and is proficient at free running and parkour.

Personal History If there was a boy who was never meant to be born, it was young James "Jamie" McCrimmon. The moment he was born he was dying, struggling to breathe, a deformed bifurcated heart beating in his chest, neuronal networks malformed. The sheer catastrophic nature of his genetic failings was tended to at first by Federation scientists, but, self-convinced in their desperation that Federation science would not be enough, Jamie's parents brought him to Adigeon Prime for accelerated critical neural pathway formation.

Granted, had The McCrimmons stopped there-- simply repairing the catastrophic birth defects --no Federation laws would have been broken, but whether from a lack of understanding of the science or of the legal implications or from a simple selfish curiosity to make their younger son "better," Jamie's parents had The Adigeons subject him to a series of enhancements above and beyond the human norm.

Jamie's elder brother Harry, himself a healthy and brilliantly intelligent human being, found himself bitterly incensed with the new rival he had as his brother grew, and never quite forgave his brother for his advantages. (Perhaps this led to Harry's death as a grown man working at The Daystrom Institute, refusing to depart the presence of a subspace anomaly in his civilian science vessel before he was drawn into its depths. Jamie has never quite forgiven himself for his role in this, however indirect.)

Jamie spent his childhood absorbing information like a sponge, rapidly outpacing his classmates and essentially doing the work of three students at once. At some points, Jamie would be accosted by bullies who found him difficult to understand, and it was discovered that by sheer fleetness of feet, Jamie could *literally* outpace them.

Already possessed of three doctorates at the age of 16, Jamie joined Starfleet almost as an afterthought.

While attending The Academy, Jamie met and fell in love with Ceri Jones, a Welshwoman in his year on the Security track. Shortly after their graduation, they married, and later that same year Ceri gave birth to their daughter Rose.

Aware of Julian Bashir's valuable contributions to Starfleet and to Federation society, and learning of the advances in psychohistoric predictive science by Bashir's think-tank of fellow enhancees, Sandy and Rosemary McCrimmon decided to go public with Jamie's enhancements, a secret they'd kept even from their sons. Sadly, they learned too late that Julian's continuing in Starfleet was thanks to his own father's sacrificial prison term, and faced legal ramifications so dire they committed suicide rather than face them.

Confronted with his own genetic history, the twenty-year-old Jamie was suddenly faced with the Judge Advocate General's office and policy. Through the timely intervention of JAG Captain Phillipa Louvois combined with Jamie's own humanist morality, Jamie was able to retain his commission provided he undergoes regular psychological analysis to pre-empt any megalomaniacal tendencies.

Jamie and Ceri were assigned to separate posts; Ceri to brand-new Dulcinea-class vessel USS Eleanor, Jamie to Starbase 42.

After a period of research on Starbase 42, Jamie focused on medical practise, going on after a series of posts to become Chief Medical Officer of late-model Galaxy-class USS Nogura under Captain Barack Cooper and Commander Kahlest Raan; meanwhile, Ceri served with distinction on The Eleanor and raised their daughter, who would in turn go on to join Starfleet Academy. While Ceri and Jamie's marriage was often tested by their life apart, spending leave together and occasional furloughs maintained their ties.

The Eleanor was one of the ships engaged by the Romulan called Nero; its destruction included Ceri's death. Rose, meanwhile, had begun to exhibit her own genetic anomalies and superhuman traits while at The Academy, but vanished with a group of fellow cadets while on a training mission; Section 31 involvement was suspected but never proven.

Having grown quietly dissatisfied with strictly Medical assignments, Doctor James McCrimmon now seeks to indulge the parts of his brain that thrive on the praxis and theory of hard and soft Science.
Service Record 2377-2381: Attends Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. Major remains undeclared throughout his studies.

2381: Assigned to Research and Development on Starbase 42.

2384: Gravitating towards medicine, transferred to Sickbay aboard USS Ironsides, Hyperion-class.

2385: Becomes Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard USS Ironsides, promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade).

2386: Becomes Chief Medical Officer aboard USS Nogura, promoted to full Lieutenant.

2395: Awarded the Surak Medal by The Vulcan Science Directorate, normally reserved for civilian peace activists, upon refusing to take up arms in a combat scenario and instead defusing the situation with intellect, logic and compassion. Numerous Vulcans consider him a "controversial" choice, given that he still serves on armed vessels and will, on occasion, fire a phaser or practice swordplay; The Science Directorate usually tends to more conservative, less iconoclastic choices.

2400: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

2401: USS Nogura decomissioned. Granted leave pending reassignment, having requisitioned transfer to Sciences.