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Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Carter

Name Nicholas Abraham Carter

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A bit barrel chested, laugh lines around his eyes, a quick smile and a stocky frame, he looks more like a beardless Saint Nick than a doctor. His main defining expression is "jovial" but he can put on his serious face in a crisis.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Abraham Ignatious Carter
Mother Ellie Rose Carter
Brother(s) Samuel John Carter - 39
Efram Joseph Carter - 36
Sister(s) Agatha Rose Carter - 42
Other Family 5 aunts and uncles
14 cousins
2 sisters-in-law
4 nieces
2 nephews

Personality & Traits

General Overview Happy, jovial, almost always laughing over something. His motto might as well be, "Come in! And know me better, man!" It takes quite a lot to rattle him, even during red alerts, he keeps an upbeat demeanor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:



Not the first to jump in with ideas outside his wheelhouse
A man of limited interests.

Ambitions Retirement
Hobbies & Interests Fishing

Personal History Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, his family lived away from the cities in one of the few areas still considered "rural," surrounded by Amish farms. His father, descended from old-world pioneers, was not a fan of modern convenience and while they were not as without as the true Amish families, they were, by most modern standards, old-world settlers.

Nicholas and his siblings didn't necessarily reject the lifestyle they grew up in, but living in a modern world exposed them to the joys of technology and modern living, and they all branched out into that environment as they grew older, each pursuing their passions.

Nicholas was inspired to become a doctor when he was 16. He'd considered signing up for Starfleet already upon the advice of his school guidance counselor, but medicine struck him as a path that would allow him to do the most good.

The academy proved to be an extreme challenge for him. He was a person who didn't learn his lessons necessarily as fast as others, but once he learned something, he never forgot it. So what he lacked in intuition, he made up for in study time, keeping himself to himself and pouring over material.

After graduation he worked his way through Medical, serving various Starfleet posts within the heart of the Federation. However, after the USS Bozeman required a surgeon without delay, he accepted the transfer, doing his duty for the fleet. He didn't mind Starship life, and decided to continue serving as Chief Surgeon aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, continuing to keep himself to himself when he felt like it.
Service Record 2235 - 2242: Starfleet Academy/Medical
2242 - 2245: Starfleet Luna Medical Center - Residency
2245 - 2251: Rigel Federation Medical Complex - Surgeon
2251 - 2259: Vulcan Healing Academy - Surgeon
2259 - 2261: USS Bozeman - Surgeon
2261 - 2264: USS Kitty Hawk - Chief Surgeon
2264 - Pres: USS Enterprise - Chief Medical Officer