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Mission: 101- Where No One has Gone Before
Location: In Orbit around Melona Colony
Timeline: 8 September 2262

Personal Log entry 10:00 hours:

It hadn't hit me until today that in a few days I'll be leaving the Farragut. But then again I suppose it's normal for someone that has just received and accepted a promotion to Captain to be a bit excited. I've been in command before, hell I'm in command right now with Captain Garrovick on leave I was entrusted with this mission to Melona to drop off the colonists and to assist with the setup of the initial settlements. But in the end this ship is still Captain Garavick's. Whatever ship Starfleet gives me will be mine, to infuse with my command style. Which also means that as Captain everything that happens on that ship will ultimately be my responsibility. I can't wait. ~ End Log

Melona is a lush and verdant world of hills, grasses, and wild flowers... no structures there yet, but flags and taped-off areas suggest buildings to come. Commander John Thomas Chandler, John T as those close to him call him, and a few of the senior officers of the Farragut are standing around a smooth black table talking with some civilian humans, all are involved in mapping, measuring, and surveying this halcyon valley. At the center of the table there is a holographic image being projected showing not the proposed structures. The leader of the group is Carmen Davila, an engineer with a keen mind and wry wit.

"... and the hospital facility will stand there, facing north, in that grove of trees." Carmen said as she pointed in the direction she was talking about. She then turned a few degrees to her right. "The school and the arts center will be here, centrally located among the residential pods."

Chandler nodded as he took in what she was saying. "Looks good. At this rate you should be ready for the next wave of colonists in about six months." he said as he looked around. He had to admit this was a beautiful planet. "I have to say I envy you... this
is a beautiful place to put down roots."

"Somehow, Commander... you don't strike me as the kind that puts down roots..."

John T gave her an easy grin. "No? How do I strike you?" he asked.

"As... a free spirit. An adventurer." she said playfully.

"Ah. And aren't pioneers, like you, adventurers at heart?" he rebutted.

"Of course. But we also have this... nesting instinct. It's exciting to find a new world -- but the joy comes in making it a home. Building houses. Having children. Roots." She explained.

John T moved in closer to her "Very interesting. I'd love to discuss this further with you. Dinner tonight?"

"If you want to share camp rations in my tent -- I'd be delighted." She answered.

John T had a slight hesitation... very slight. "Haven't we managed to get you a food processor down here yet?"

Carmen laughs merrily... the banter between them is easy-going and comfortable. It suggests a relationship that's ongoing. " No, we haven't... but I've been saving my ration of dried chicken curry. It should go very nicely with that bottle of wine I happen to know you brought with you."

"It's sounding better all the time..."John T said with a smile, though he had hoped for that wine to have been a surprise. Even so he found himself leaning in to kiss Carmen.

"Commander... Carmen.."

The two turned to see the Farragut's Chief Medical Officer and Chief Engineer approaching them. John T shook his head, if only they had waited another couple of minutes.

"We've been going over the schematics for the hospital. The location seems fine." The CMO reported.

"Good then I'll get the Farragut to beam a team down to get started on that." he said as he heard a sound that he hadn't heard before. It was a low WHIRR and he wasn't the only one that it had caught their attention. They all stop, look around for the source of the sound, not yet concerned.

"Carmen... do you have some construction started I don't know about?" John T asked.

"No... what is that?" was her immediate response.

They all look around as the sound becomes more pronounced. They're puzzled... not really alarmed. The WHIRRR is louder now, and the breeze picks up a little. Then they all look up as they realize that it was coming from above. The brilliance of the sun-filled day fades a bit... light dims as if a veil were being pulled across the sky. The other colonists are milling about, becoming apprehensive.

"What is it?"

"Maybe an atmospheric disturbance..." John T guessed.

Across the darkened sky something is approaching -- at an incredible speed. The group stare at the object... Chandler's face suddenly changes to one of terrible disbelief. He thinks of what they need to do, which is find some sort of cover since the Farragut wouldn't be able to beam them all back at once. "There are subterranean caverns beneath the hills about 1km to the east right?"

Carmen nodded in the affirmative.

"Carmen, start rounding everybody up."

Carmen was thinking about objecting, but she could see the look on his face that he wasn't kidding.

As John T continued to look above the approaching object has taken form... a huge ship like nothing he had seen before descending toward the planet... a vast shimmering, faceted shape... ominous in its cold beauty and as dark as night. The alien ship advances on the outpost.

The wind is whipping now, and the sound more of a shrieking is immense. A sense of urgency has overtaken the colonists, though
they're trying not to panic. John T and the other officers from the Farragut along with Carmen are herding people together and moving them along the path to where they need to go. John T had his communicator open and was talking to the Farragut. The sensors had never picked up the other vessel entering orbit. Even now they couldn't tell where it was, all the could see was the change in the atmosphere.

The huge ship was now hovering above the outpost, a majestic and ominous form. A brilliant beam of light sweeps down from the ship like a giant scythe, cutting a huge swath. The light encases everything in its path, suffuses it in the brilliant violet light... and then sweeps on. The trees and everything else in it's arc of destruction is reduced to a pile of dust.

The colonists watched, horrified, still on the run. A few panic and start to run off to the sides; the Farragut officers take them by the arm and pull them back with the group.

The colonists run in panic. Bursts of violet light illuminate them as the ship's weapon devours more of the countryside.

John T has moved towards the front of the group and is hurrying the people along, keeping an eye over his shoulder at the progress of the hostile ship. Suddenly he turns to see Carmen heading for an older man who's having trouble keeping up. He stumbles; Carmen runs for him. John T starts toward her. As she heads for the man, fighting the buffeting winds. Suddenly an arc of light comes sweeping toward her and the old man... races over them... and they're both gone. Piles of silt remain.

John T watches her disappear, helpless. Then he continues his pell mell race for the caves. Behind him, the sound of the wind is fearful, and bursts of energy frequently illuminate them. Finally the last of the colonists are inside the cave. "Chandler to Farragut beam me us up." he said indicating himself and the two other officers that were standing next to him.

"Commander what about the colonists?" the CMO asked.

"The minerals in the caves should be dense enough to protect them from that ship's weapons. At least until we've had a chance to deal with it." he told them.

Within moments the familiar goldish hue of energy had enveloped them and they disappeared from the cave entrance.

As soon as the turbolift doors had opened, a few minutes later, John exited as if he had been shot out of a cannon. "Battlestations!" he ordered as he moved towards the center seat, relieving the officer that had been in charge. "Location of the hostile vessel?"

"We're having problems picking them up on sensors. The ship seems to be made of some material that is either absorbing or deflecting our scans." The science officer reported. "However we can pick up the energy energy signature from their weapons array."

"Not as accurate, but I'll take it." he said. "Helm put us in position and fire at will."

"Aye Commander." The helmsmen replied as he did his best to do as he had been told. It wasn't going to be easy the Farragut wasn't designed for operation in an atmosphere. The Farragut's phasers fired into the atmosphere, several them missed, but two beams hit. He then began to recalibrate his pattern to fire based on that and more of the phasers began to hit. That was when he took the chance and fired a pair of torpedoes.

The torpedoes certainly got the attention of the vessel as it fired back.

The Farragut shook as the first blast hit the. The lights dim, consoles go crazy as the bridge vibrates as if it was being shaken apart.

"What the hell was that?" John asked.

"They hit us with some sort of anti-proton beam. It's like nothing I've ever seen before." the science officer reported.

"Forward shields are weakening, we can't take to much of that."

The helmsmen was already trying to return fire, however the hostile vessel wasn't there any longer. "Damn they've moved I have to try and find them again."

"Scan for any air disruption or vortex -- I don't care what they're made of, we'll spot it by its turbulence. " John ordered.

The helmsmen divided his attention between the controls that kept the ship in orbit and firing its weapons. The problem was that in order to evade the blasts from the hostile ship he had to get the Farragut closer to the planet.

"Hull temperature one thousand degrees and rising." The engineer called out.

"All emergency power to deflectors. Take it from life support if you have to." John ordered.

The two ships continued to exchange fire the Farragut getting the better of the exchange thanks to it's having the 'high ground'.

"Deflectors nearing overload. Hull temperature twenty-five hundred degrees."

"Keep going and keep firing!" John ordered as the he kept looking at the hud on the main window. They were now close enough to actually see the enemy ship. And it looked as if it had come straight from hell. With a final volley of torpedoes from the Farragut the screen became full of a bright multicolored explosion. John even heard one of the crew yell out 'We got 'em!' but who it was he couldn't tell for sure since he had finally allowed himself to breathe.

"Helm Come to four-zero mark six-five, ahead one-third impulse, and assume standard orbit." John ordered.

"Aye sir." the helmsmen replied with a smile on his face as he input the commands. The ship moved sluggishly due to the damage she had suffered as well as the fact she had come a lot closer to the atmosphere than she was supposed to but eventually it made it's rise until it was in its designated position.

"Alright let's get damage control going. I'll also need some teams for the planet to help the colonists." John said as he rose from the command chair. "Lieutenant open a channel to Starfleet we need to report this."

Personal log Entry 20 October 2262:

It's been six weeks since the incident on Melona. Starfleet has managed to some how keep it secret. I don't know what frightens me more that they were able to keep this a secret or that they have deemed it necessary to keep it a secret. As soon Captain Garrovick returned to the Farragut I was ordered to report to Earth for reassignment. Nothing unusual about that except for the fact that once I got here they made me take a four weeks of leave time. I guess Starfleet felt that I needed some vacation time. The good news is I got the call this morning to report to HQ to receive my new orders. Ironically however as soon as I arrive I'm made to sit and wait some more. ~ End Log

A door opened and a young female in her class A uniform came out. John looked at her rank insignia she was a crewman, but she wore the designator of a Yeoman "Captain Chandler the Admiral will see you now."

John rose from his chair and took his hat and placed it underneath his arm. he was a bit confused however "The Admiral?"

The Yoemen looked at the Captain strangely. "Yes sir this meeting is being held by Admiral Marcus."

Admiral Marcus, Starfleet's Commander and Chief. "What have you gotten yourself into now John T." he thought to himself as he made his way into the room. The room in question was actually a briefing room and as John looked around he saw Admiral Nogura the Chief of Starfleet Operations, Admiral Komack the head of Starfleet Intelligence, and Admiral Quinn of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. But that wasn't all there were a number of Captains in the room... not just Captain's legends. Captain Pike, who had just returned with the Enterprise a few weeks ago from his latest deep space mission. This was some serious next level stuff. he walked towards the large table where all of them were seated. "Captain John T. Chandler reporting as ordered sir."

"Take seat Chandler." Admiral Marcus ordered.

John took the only open seat.

"Welcome and thank you all for coming on such short notice. Before we begin we have some clean up business to take care of. Admiral" Marcus turned it over to Admiral Nogura who rose from his chair.

"To Captain John Thomas Chandler as of this date by Starfleet order 28455, You are hereby required to take command of the USS
Enterprise. Signed Vice Admiral Kenchi Nagura, Starfleet Command." with that the room broke into applause.

John was understandably confused. He knew he was getting a ship, but he didn't know that was the Enterprise. That was Pike's ship, had been such for the last ten years. He looked over to Pike and that was when he noticed the change in his rank insignia. Pike had been promoted to Commodore.

"Aye sir, and thank you. I hope I don't let you down." he said still not sure he deserved the honor of commanding one of the finest ships in the fleet.

As Nogura sat down Marcus gathered the room's attention back to him. "The rest of this meeting is classified." with that an image of a ship appeared before them.

John recognized the ship immediately it was the ship that had attacked Melona.

"Some of you may have heard rumors well hear are the facts. Six weeks ago this vessel attacked Melona colony, fortunately the losses were light due to the fact that it was still being built, and the quick thinking of Captain Chandler. However what none but a few know is that wasn't the only attack." Marcus told them.

"A total of 16 worlds, Klingon, Romulan, and unaligned were hit. 8 of them were ours." Admiral Komack informed them. "What isn't widely known is that this isn't the first time it's happened. The first time these ships were encountered was 50 years ago. Since then the only thing we had learned was that they were several hundred if not thousands of years more advanced than us. And most of that we've learned in the last few weeks thanks to what we were able to salvage from the wreckage recovered from Melona."

"We're sending the entire fleet of Constitution Class starships out to the reaches of unexplored space. We need to make contact with these people and see why they're attacking us. That is all but the Enterprise since she's just currently started a refit. As soon as she's ready she'll be going back out there."

The rest of the meeting seemed to be a blur to John as the other Captain's asked questions which were usually answered with a 'We don't know yet.' but eventually the meeting came to a close and everyone began to leave except for the Admirals and even Commodore Pike. "You were awfully quiet during the meeting Chandler. I hope it's not a sign of shyness." Marcus said.

"No sir, I just wish I could be out there now instead of waiting for six months." John replied.

"Oh you won't be in dry dock for six months." Marcus told him. "It'll be closer to two years."


"What we didn't say during the briefing is that thanks to your actions we at the Starfleet corps of Engineers have learned a lot from that ship's wreckage. Enough to reverse engineer some of their systems. We'll be incorporating these new advances into the Enterprise. When she's done she'll be the most advanced ship in Starfleet." Admiral Quinn told him.

John sat stunned. So not only was he getting the Enterprise, but when it was ready she'd be the best ship Starfleet had to offer. "Well I guess I better report to the shipyards and start seeing what you have planned for the old girl.

"Captain when we're done it'll be an almost totally new Enterprise." Quinn told him.

Fade to black.


The Final Frontier.

These are the voyages of the starship... Enterprise.

Her continuing mission to explore strange new worlds,

to seek out new life and new civilizations,

to boldly go where no one has gone before.