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Ancient Discoveries

Posted on Wed Sep 20th, 2017 @ 9:02pm by Captain John Chandler III & Commander Rachiel Bryce

Mission: 101- Where No One has Gone Before
Location: In Orbit around Melona Colony
Timeline: 22 September 2264

It was about an hour after returning to where he had left his injured, that the Enterprise made contact. It seemed as if they had crossed some fire with the enemy ship. The only damage to the ship at the time was communication, sensors, and transporters. But all of those had been repaired and once again fully operational. The alien vessel for it's part had disappeared from the system. Once their wounded had been transported back to Enterprise. He had left orders with the ship that should the alien vessel return they were not to engage, but instead should get out of the system and contact Starfleet and get reinforcements. He then got a few more survey teams beamed down so they could explore that inner cave.

The XO had been left to oversee the various survey teams while the Captain had returned to the Enterprise for a short time. She knew he was back, but had thus far avoided the man in favor of focusing on the initial exploration of the cave. Rachiel was extremely curious to discover the light source which allowed the plant and animal life to flourish underground. Tricorder scans as well as more detailed scans indicated that the light source may not be natural at all, but potentially the result of a technology not encountered by the Federation before now. The level of energy being generated by the light source was interfering with their scans, and she was once more working with the science team to try and re-calibration the system to compensate so that better data could be obtained and analysed.

"Commander, find anything interesting while I was gone?" he asked her as he walked up to her.

Looking toward him after hearing his voice, the XO answered "We have discovered there is an astonishing variety of life which has evolved to live in this underground cavern system. We still have not been able to determine the light source which is making this unique ecosystem thrive, and I don't think we're going to be able to do so without specialized equipment which can enable us to get closer to the light source itself and at the moment, I"m not sure how to accomplish that with what we have on hand. There has to be a power source, perhaps in other parts of the cavern system and I think it's worth while to explore deeper to see if there are tunnels which lead to where the light is located which run above the cavern roof."

JT nodded "Check with sciences and engineering and see if they can put together anything we might need to do it. Worse comes to worse Starfleet can send a pure science vessel. But I do agree on going deeper and checking out the rest of this place." he told her.

Rachiel nodded, "Aye sir." It wasn't as easy as it might seem, the light source generated considerable heat. Any attempt to get closer would require special protection and she wasn't sure the Enterprise carried the right equipment aboard.

Four hours later:

After a lengthy discussion with the sciences team, equipment had been brought down from Enterprise which should at least allow them to run the necessary scans to try and identify whether or not there were tunnels or passageways cut into the mountain to provide power to whatever it was which generated the artificial light and heat allowing this underground ecosystem to thrive and evolve. And, as they were now witnessing.. that light source dimmed and faded out to provide an artificial night as well.

Whoever had built this place had considerable technological advancements at their disposal.. And based on the level of growth witnessed throughout the cavern this place had been here for millennia.

Watching as the light source faded, it's color deepening to mimic the color shifts of sunset, the First Officer's attention was pulled from her own private thoughts back to the task at hand as Lt. Harris called out, "Commander, we're ready to initiate the scans."

Turning, Cmdr. Bryce walked over to the control console where she could watch the data as it began to stream back from the scans and gave a quick nod, "All right then Lieutenant.. Lets see what we can see.."

JT had gone further into the cave and had begun to explore. There were several fruit trees, one of the scientist had even said there was probably enough food growing that it could last a small population the rest of their lives. But what surprised him wasn't the natural things that were growing around. Now what surprised him was the very artifical object that they found in a clearing. "Chandler to Bryce. I know you're a bit busy right now, but we found something that you might find interesting."

The expression on the Commander's face said what she would never speak aloud. Her eyes locked on the science officer at the control console, one eyebrow those slightly with an unspoken question. "The density of the surrounding stone is going to take some time to run, the system will have to run several sweeps and then compare the results to give us a baseline..". Her eyes had narrowed as he was speaking, recognizing the warning sign for what it was, the science officer got to the point. "It's going to be three.. maybe four hours."

Giving a small shake of her head, she activated her comm and answered the Captain's hail. "Bryce here Captain. The scans of the cavern roof are going to take approximately three to four hours. What is your current location and I will join you."

"Understood." He told her in regards to how long she had said the scans would take. He then tapped in a few comands in his communicator. "I just sent you my coordinates. I'm in a clearing not to far off the river."

Looking at the information he'd sent her, she answered "Acknowleged. I'll join you momentarily. Bryce out."

Some minutes passed, but soon enough Rachiel could see the Captain standing next to a large obelisk set on a raised dias. Drawing near, she said "You do find interesting things.."

Chandler gave a half shoulder shrug combined with a nod. "It's made of no known material to our science." he told her as he got closer his tricorder scanning it.

She didn't answer, instead the XO moved closer to the obelisk to get a closer look at what appeared to be writing on it's surface. In some areas, the markings were gone, worn away by time and elements.

"I see you noticed the markings. Tricorders don't have anything like them in the databank. I've called for linguist Rawlins and geologist Carstairs to come down and give it a look over as well." he said as he made his way up the stairs to the obelisk again. "Have you had a chance to look at the quantum dating information yet?" he asked like a kid in a candy store.

"Ive ran several scans both on the obelisk and the base. I'm getting two different readings..." she answered.

"I thought that would get your attention." Chandler said with a smile as he continued looking at the object. "The base seems to only have been created 10,000 years ago. However the obelisk itself seems to defy scans. Everytime we run one we get a different reading." he told her.

"It wouldn't be the first time a rising civilization built over the ruins of a former civilization.." she pointed out.

"True... I wonder what the heck this thing is made of..." he said more to himself than anyone else.

Hearing him, his First Officer answered without it looking up from her own tricorder, "the tricorder doesn't have the sensitivity to be able to determine the exact composition of the obelisk. A sample could be taken and returned to the science lab aboard the Enterprise where the exact composition could be determined."

Chandler was about to agree with his XO's recommendation when his communicator chirped and he heard the voice of the Chief Communications officer coming over the speaker. He reached behind his back and pulled out his communicator "Chandler here... go ahead Enterprise." No sooner had he finished uttering those words then a buzzing could be heard from the obelisk. When he looked around a panel had opened revealing some writing. But it wasn't all in an alien language, in fact anyone that studing basic engineering could see that it was a primary warp field equation. "Standby Enterprise." he said in the communicator and then looked closer at the equation. "What do you make of this Number One?"

Studying the equation, she said "A test perhaps? Some sort of verification that we are able to understand what we are looking at.."

"Yeah, but what is the question since they're showing us a grade school warp equation? Or is this writing the question?" he asked.

"Grade school to you and I yes, but not necessarily to whatever civilization once lived on the surface of this world. This entire creation is built underground, this may be some sort of test. A version of the Federarions Prime Directive perhaps, to prevent access to higher technology before they are ready.."

"Maybe." he knew the Vulcans had a similar directive when they made first contact with humanity. That was one of the reasons they didn't offer humanity advanced technology back then. It had fostard a lot of hard feelings towards them for a couple of generations. "Let's get a scan of this and have the ship's computers mull it through for awhile." he said and then went back to his communicator. "Chandler to Enterprise, sorry about that but we had found something that could be important. What's your report?"

"Captain we've gotten a distress signal from the colony on Baklid 6. They say they're under attack."

"Commander looks like duty calls." he told her. "Enterprise two to beam up."

Regretful, she just nodded. This place had been here for quite some time, it would still be here to return to at a later time to try and solve the mysteries here.

After a few moments the two officers disappeared in a shimmering light.


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