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First Strike

Posted on Thu Dec 21st, 2017 @ 1:29pm by Captain John Chandler III & Commander Rachiel Bryce & Lieutenant Shrasha M'Graer
Edited on on Mon Jan 8th, 2018 @ 3:45pm

Mission: 101- Where No One has Gone Before
Timeline: 22 September 2264

A few moments after returning to the ship the turbolift door opened and the Captain and XO exited and went to their seats. "Status?"

"We received a communication from the colony on Baklid VI. They said they were under attack."

"How long will it take us to get to Balid VI?" Chandler asked the helmsmen.

"We can be there in 6 minutes at warp 8."

"Do it." Chandler ordered.

"Aye sir." the Helmsmen replied as he began to break orbit around Melona. He brought the impulse engines to maximum and as soon as they reached the earliest oppertunity he engaged the warp engines and pushed them to warp 8.

“Initiating long range scans.” The First Officer said. “We should be able to get an idea of what or who we’re dealing with as we approach.”

"Already ahead of you Commander." The tactical officer called out. "I'm picking up what looks like disruptor signatures."

"Disruptor signatures?" Chandler asked. He knew as many of the others that would mean a handfull of races Eminians, Klingons, Rigelians, and Romulans. And the only ones that were this close to Balid VI were the Romulans and Klingons.

Looking at he sensor data, Bryce said “We are still too far out to be able to make a determination on ID. Continuing to scan...we should be able to I’d the hostiles once we close in..”

Chandler nodded "Mister Grey bring us out of warp as close to the system as you can. Let's get as much surprise on whoever is attacking our colony as we can."

"Aye Captain, are you looking for a mild or major heart attack surprise." Jackson couldn't help but grin, he felt right at home behind the helm of a starship.

J.T. couldn't help but smile at that. "Let's just keep it to a mild surprise, since we don't quiet know what we're going into yet." he said.

"Three minutes until arrival at Balid VI." The navigator called out.

Almost immediately after, the XO called out “Positive sensor ID .. it’s the Klingons!”

J.T. looked at the display on the arm rest of his chair. "Yeah a D-6 battlecruiser from the looks of it. Red Alert lock phasers on target arm photon torpedoes."

"Two minutes until arrival at Balid VI." The navigator called out.

The Captain's focus on the view ahead of him. Soon the streaking stars would be replaced with fire works.

"One minute to arrival at Balid VI." The navigator called out.

"Alright Mr. Grey go to impulse power at your convience." J.T. ordered.

“This should be interesting..” Rachiel murmured. “The Klingons are hard to predict..”

"Aye Captain." Jax could only imagine what lied ahead. He knew the time frame of the ships arrival. Piloting a starship wasn't all numbers and calculations, at least not for him. It was instinct, intuition. One minute out, he saw the timer, that minute came quick, Jax rocked his head an additional few seconds beyond that time, his internal clock finally buzzed and with a few quick taps he dropped to impulse power straight into an offensive posture, the Enterprise now had the advantage of surprise and position.

The Enterprise really didn't need the surprise or position since they were dealing with a ship that was at least a 50 year old ship. The Enterprise would easily over power it, but J.T. didn't mind having all the help he could get.

The D-6 was in Orbit over the colony firing down at the planet still trying to get through the planetary shields. Which thankfully this still relatively new colony had installed already.

"Focus on their weapons and shields... fire at will!" Chandler ordered.

The first barrage of weapons fire from the Enterprise slammed into the Klingon vessel’s shields. Studying the sensor display, the XO reported. “Sensors indicate their shields are down to 61%. We’ve got their attention!” She added as the big Klingon ship began to move, its course changing to respond to their attack.

The Klingons were surpised, but as the well trained warriors that they were it didn't last for long. Soon they had turned their attention from the colony to the Enterprise. Their disruptors had obviously been updated, but they still weren't the equal to that of a D-7. Which meant that the Enterprise could deal with them with some ease. The Enterprise was clearly larger, more powerful, and even more agile. But even then Chandler didn't want them to get in a luck shot. "Keep us moving I don't want them to have to many shots at the same shield." he ordered as he watched the tactical readouts on the main viewer.

There was no need for the XO to respond to that particular order, she wasn’t in a position to control the ship. She focused instead on the sensors, monitoring the tactical information on the Klingon ship. “Captain, sensors are detecting an irregular power flux in their port nacelle..”

"Mr. Grey move us away, we don't want to be close to them if that nacelle explodes." Chandler ordered.

Chandler watched the readout as the Enterprise began to pull away. As soon as they were far enough away the flux reading in the Klingons port nacelle stablized and the ship jumped to warp. Chandler stood up from his chair. He didn't like being played. But he had to admit the nacelle trick was something he would have done. "Stand down to yellow alert. Keep sensors on full. Communications hail the colony let's see how badly they've been hurt."

After several moments, the comma officer said “No response to our hails Captain.”

From her seat next to him, the XO pulled up the sensor system and after studying the display a momen, said “There’s a lot of damage to the comm center on the surface. They may not be able to answer us..”

"Chandler to sickbay. Are you reading any of this?" he said through the com panel on his chair.

"Medical teams already preparing to beam down, Captain." came the reply.

"Compliments on that, Doctor. Number One get with the engineers and take any security you need to perform a physical evaluation of the colony and see what they'll be needing from us to get them back on their feet." Chandler ordered.

“Aye sir.” she answered. Tapping her com panel, she issued quick,orders for a team of engineering and security personnel to meet her in the Transporter room, equipped for their mission in 15 minutes.

Chandler nodded and one last time as he watched his XO get up and leave for the transporter room after she had issued her orders. The ship was monitoring for the Klingons, he doubted that they'd take to being defeated so easily lightly.

Lieutenant M'Graer acknowledged the XO's call, and headed down to transporter room, a damage specialist control specialist and communications tech in tow, with an array of tools and spare parts between the three.


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